Hi folks,

You know how every winter we have to endure whining and moaning from
non-skiing friends, coworkers, TV talking heads, etc. about how awful
all the snow is? Doesn't that really raise your blood pressure?

This season it's the same. Only now we get to listen to all the skiers
whining and moaning about how awful the summer is, and how miserable
they're going to be until the fall. It's just as bad, only in reverse.
Do whatever it takes: ride your bike, paddle a boat, sail, fish, climb
mountains, sit out in the sun and read, dig in the garden, play
baseball, just don't whine. Good grief, there's a lot to do in a short

Judging by some of the threads that have started up here lately, some
people could really do with a summer hobby or two.

Dave G., I love summer

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