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> I note the ski crampons for Silverettas.  They don't say how wide a
ski it
>will fit, nor whether they can be used with any other binding.  I am
>getting tired of ATers and Euros ragging on me and my free heel
>about not having ski crampons.


> I have never felt that I needed a ski crampon in the east but did
>for lack of them on Mt. St. Helens last year.  On the big mtns. of the
>PNW, you need them.  I am using Hammerheads with an added riser.  Skis
>which I want them have waist widths of 78 and 95mm.

I'm not sure _anybody_ makes a ski crampon that can accommodate a 95mm
waist (but I'm sure edging a fatty on a long hard-snow traverse is very
wearing on the knees and exhausting!)

>Russell Rainey was working on an HH compatible ski crampon but now he
>out of the business.


Have you polled the buddies at 22 Designs, the folks who took over the HH? Mail
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>The nearest pair of ski crampons to where I live is probably 500 miles
>away.  The mere chance to hold a ski crampon in my hands and look it
>to see how it might be rigged for my setups is denied to me.
>Help!  This is serious.  All of you political post wackos of all
>quit your whining and listen.

I can shoot some JPEGs of the Alpine Trekker ski crampons and how they
attach, if you're lookin' to roll your own. My brother has some set up
for his SuperLoops too- could have him snap some pics.

A ski crampon isn't a very complicated device, and I'm sure any
reasonable mechanical designer/fabricator could make something that
works. But the marketplace for fat telemark ski crampons is so miniscule
I doubt there will ever be much commercial competition for that market.


_____________ ________ __
__ /________ ________ ___
__( Tele till you drop
___\ ________ ________ __
____) ______ __________ _
___/ ______ ___________ _
__( o ____ __________ __
__ \(|\.____ _______ ____
___`\>/______ ____ ______
____ \` ______ __ _______
______`________ _ _______
_______________ __ ______

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