Calling all plaid, one and two plankers alike, Sox, Spankee, O's, WSox,
and 'Spos phans, SOs, S.U.s, uxorial partners, offspring, libs, dems,
Progressives, repubs, Neo Cons, John Birch Society members, Objectivists,
even TELEMARKERS... (not telemarkeTers)

You're all invited to our Third Annual Memorial Day BBQ! (AKA "Wesley's Ski
Season Video Premiere Party", though such a premiere is certainly not
guaranteed, nor is his plaidness' presence a sure thing)

Date:   Sunday, May 30
Time:   1pm - whenever
Place:   Our house, 249 Isham Circle, Williston
****RSVP:   802-878-7336 by Wed, May 26th**** (or by back or front channel

Please bring your beverage of choice.  We'll have sodas, juices, and "some"
beer. (Perhaps leaving the dlO worC is a good idea, though.)  Kielbasa is
also encouraged if desired.

We have frisbees, various balls, and kites. Bring any other lawn games
you'd like, just watch out if TEO/TWO gets a hold of a projectile (ask Dave
G. about this...) If you want to play catch, please bring your own mitt.

1. From I-89, take exit 12, Rt 2A North towards Taft Corners/Essex/Big Box
Stores central.
2. Turn right on Rt 2 E (or use the Best Buy shortcut if you dare).
3. Take your first left on Talcott Rd. (just after the Exxon and across
from the driving range).
4. Turn left on the second occurrence of Isham Circle. (It intersects
Talcott twice.)
5. Our house is the 6th driveway on the right (grey cape with black

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