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>Jay 1
>Sugarbush 2
>Killington 1
>Smuggs 25ish
>Stowe  13
>MRG 15ish
>Teardrop 30ish
>Didn't keep exact records, but 87 days to be sure.

Impressive.  I'm ashamed to say that I only had 39 days while spending my
first winter in Burlington.  Seems like a waste to me ;)  I don't have an
exact breakdown but areas skied this year include Gore, Jiminy Peak,
Stowe, Sugarbush, MRG, Jay, and Bolton.  I had a goal starting the ski
season to hit all the northern VT powder league areas and the only one I
missed was Smuggs.  Next year.  Next year...I'll have a car up there and
that's a dangerous situation as far as grades go ;)

Everyday in northern VT was a highlight.  The series of 2-4 foot dumps in
December were pretty decent, too.  Castle Rock on opening day...grabbing
10-15th chair with blue skies and 30 inches of no-buff fluff...second set
of tracks down Middle Earth while snorkling the entire way down.  That was
a decent run.  First time I realized my Bandit XX's might not be fat
enough for northern VT pow.

Its all good...beautiful part of the country up there.  Can't wait to go


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