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> Then there's the issue of what counts as a "day" of skiing.
> Do I count 200' of earned turns on dregs of the WaWa glacier
> as a day (took less than 30 minutes to/from the car)?

No, but I enjoy pictures of this sort of foolishness.

> Or how about the times I slapped on skis and for a quick couple
> of laps for 50' in the neigbor's yard?

Definitely not.

> A drive-by ski run poaching a 300' quicky at Nashoba Valley
> driving away in wet ski boots?

The furtive aspect gets you bonus points, but I still don't think
this would qualify as a ski day.

> Skiing in Sharon's backyard.

Nope.  I shudder to mention Sharon, as she might come up with
some *dirty* interpretation of this.

As far as ski days go, a lift-served day should include at least 8K
verts.  According to me, of course.  Lesser days can be combined
into a full day.

For non-lift served, that's sort of a sensitive issue for some, as I
discovered in mentioning this to Mr. Guido.  Some give mega bonus
points for the manly aspects of slogging up the hill.  But does a
hike up Gondolier and a ski down the same, really count for a ski
day?  Would it be more proper to count this as equivalent to running
5 miles, as opposed to a skiing experience?

The only real metric for b/c has to be total vertical feet.  As far
as comparing b/c to lift-served, I don't think you can.  They would
be two separate categories.

All of the above, of course, is IMHO.  Keep those tallies coming!


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