A decent year all-around.  We def got skunked on the Western trips but
that's the risk we take.   I'll be taking Duffy's ideas into consideration
in upcoming seasons.  The chances of getting a good snow during a planned
trip to out West are not that great.   We've scored in past years,  but our
time came with 6 snowless, fast, hardpack days on steep terrain.

The skiing in the East was just that.  My diary has a pretty good sprinkling
of everything from powder and icy hell to slop and running water. There
wasn't one minute that skiing was not fun.  Well maybe with Guido on the
wrong side of Slidebrook in unskiable crust of deepdish proportions.  It's
fun now to think of how bad it really was.

The FSC tour of Mansfield and Spruce was a big highlight of the season.  We
covered some serious mileage on the most varied terrain possible in one day,
  all led by highly qualified guides.

It all ended way too quickly catching me by surprise.  With a little
reluctance on weather I found myself skiless in April.  I won't dwell on
what I may have missed but instead look forward to what will be in the
coming season.  Just a few more months right ?

The total is 41 days that I put skis on my feet and made turns.  I don't do
half days,  I don't count vertical,  I either skied or I didn't.

Here's the breakdown . . .

by month:
November - 3
December - 10
January - 9
February - 10
March - 9

by mountain:
MRG - 26
Sugarbush - 6
Jiminy Peak - 1
Jackson Hole - 3
Stowe - 2
Ajax - 1
Aspen Highlands - 1
Snowmass - 1

by other stuff:
honest powder days - 5
non-lift served - 3
hardpack western days - 6
coldest days ever - 7
skied with other plaidsters - 14

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