Jim B., Ms. TSNS, perhaps my dad and myself are planning on trekking
up North of the border to see the Canadian Grand Prix (Formula 1--of
course!) on 13 June.  We will be getting General Admission tickets,
which are $60 (Canadian Dollars), IIRC.

This is a spectacular event, even if you are not a fan of cars and car
racing.  The sights (if you can move your eyes and head quickly
enough) and sounds are indescribable.  See some of the most expensive
cars on earth (~$80M/car for the top teams) scream down straights at
close to 200 mph straight into 50 mph 180-degree hairpin turns,
braking only at the last second.  See what makes both the Prince of
Monaco and the founder of PETA foam at the mouth.

Whose not a whose?  It will blow your mind.

--Matt K.

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