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> I have a pair of Rossi BCs, no edges, which I prefer over the
> E99s. I have never loved the E99s. They are heavy and the
> edges don't make much difference if you are just going
> straight on the flats. They don't turn very well, and they
> don't climb all that well either. I decided to replace the
> E99s with something that will manage ups and downs better. We
> have very hilly terrain here. Bubba has the Rebounds and they
> are so stable, easy to climb and hairy descents are a snap. I
> can tele-turn them and even bombing straight down is way more
> sure than the E99s, though they are definitely slower, but
> I'm not out there for speed. I think the 109s are a compromise.

From what you describe, you will probably be happier
on the Rebounds. IMO, skis like the E109 can be the kind
of comprimise that combines the worst of both worlds.

I remain a tad skeptical about the narrow waist of the
Rebounds myself but I haven't tried them and enough people
are raving about them that they should be considered.

More of my thoughts on E109 type of skis is here:

More of my thoughts (what few I have) on Rebound type skis:

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