Miguel Naughton wrote:

>points for the manly aspects of slogging up the hill.  But does a
>hike up Gondolier and a ski down the same, really count for a ski
>day?  Would it be more proper to count this as equivalent to running
>5 miles, as opposed to a skiing experience?

Tallying the number of 'days' you've skied probably shouldn't get much
beyond 'use your own judgment'.  Its more for the fun of re-living the
past winters activity, in a bitter-sweet kind of way, than to crown the
most ______ skier  (add your own caption: cool, rad, hard-core, etc.).

I mean on some real busy days (at MRG) you may not get 8K of turns, or
more than 6-7 lift rides, should that count as a day?  (I bet your body
says it should), whilst at a super size resort you could ride a MCBFL in
the first hour and cover enough vert to count as two days.

If we really wanted to get real nit-picky we could use some derivation
of how much time your skis actually spent turning on the snow.  An easy
guess says it is a lot less than the 8 hours the resort was open, or
what about if you switch equipment, bonus days for using different
sliding set-ups?

As long as you have some kind of story to tell about the day, I think it
counts.  And to agree with Janet, what is most important is how long
until you can get out again.

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