Stowe: 6
Bolton: 1
Smuggs: 7
Sugarbush: 3
Massif du Sud: 1 (NFC)
Mont Édouard: 1 (NFC)
Le Valinouët: 1 (NFC)
Le Massif: 1 (NFC)
Valhalla: 6
total: 27 (a new low for me since I started snowboarding)

• December - particularly 12/7 at Smuggs.  Insane amount of powder in
the trees.
• Having Ben Bloom (and his Smuggs tele friends) show me around Smuggs.
  I had never visited the back bowls / birthday bowls before this
season.  There's some really great terrain back there.
• The wierd, randomly perfect day at Stowe with Bruno, K, telenaut, and
Henry.  I remember saying something like "this isn't supposed to be
this good" over and over again.  Tons of untracked, light snow in the
woods, when it hadn't snowed in a while and it was a weekend day so
everything should have been tracked up.
• Having El Scorpion give me and Peter Salts a tour of Sugarbush
including the Wedding Trail and Slidebrook.  More firsts for me.
• Swampfest NFC - killer trip.  Leigh delivered again, as usual.  My
day at Massif du Sud was probably the best day I had all season...
maybe ever?  At least it's a top 10 day ever.  For one day, I was /on/
and it was great.  The other areas were a lot of fun, too.  And the
• Valhalla - what more can be said?
• Continuing to tele, including taking a private lesson.  I'm still
making progress, and I still have a long way to go.  Two positive
things.  I think everyone should take some time to try another sliding
method.  I've made great strides in my snowboarding, and I think the
tele skiing my have had something to do with that.
• My improved snowboarding.  I've gone from following existing tracks
in the woods to seeing my own lines.  Picking out the line at speed (as
evidenced at Massif du Sud / Smuggs in December).  I just wish I could
ride like that all the time.
• Visiting the Chin / Rock Garden again - it had been a couple of
seasons since I'd been up there.  And this time, I was leading some
Stowe hike-to newbies.  My riding up there was pretty crappy, but it
still warrants mention just because of the terrain.

'Twas a wierd season.  Not teaching after doing that for 7 seasons.
Not having a season pass.  Having to drive up from Mass for the
weekends.  Still finding a way to have a great season, making
improvements in both my tele skiing and snowboarding, getting
introduced to the gems of two new areas (Smuggs and The Bush),
Swampfest NFC, and Valhalla.

I feel guilty for having taken up my share of "trip of a lifetime"s,
and a few other people's too.  Two of them about a month apart? (NFC
and Valhalla)  Hardly seems fair.  :)

Jason - "redraobwons"

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