I still have $140 sitting on my desk and I really would like direction in what I
should do with it.  Since no one responded to my last request, I wanted to let
it be known that I will have the money deposited in FMLA account since their
organization is so tightly tied with reporductive rights.  If people would like
to use the $140 come Fall semester, the R.R.C., if it exists, can request the
money from FMLA.  I really do not want the responsiblity of holding onto this
money throughout the rest of summer seeing as I will be gone almost all of July
and August. I will not be able to ensure its "safety," for lack of a better

Hope everyone's summer is going well.


Quoting Christina Helene Churchill <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hey Charlotte -
>   I didn't drop the money off yesterday because I had too much to do with
> two
> finals and packing up my stuff.  I never recieved the check that you sent me
> so
> I am out forty dollars.  Can I take forty of the surplus?  I hope I can
> because
> I really don't want to be stuck with this because the check never came.
> Also, can you send me an address to send the money to because I am now in
> New
> Hampshire.
> Thanks,
> Christina
> --