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> Mon Jun 7,12:24 AM ET
> CHICAGO (Reuters) - Preschool children who use a computer appear to
> develop better learning skills than peers who lack computer savvy,
> U.S. researchers said on Monday.
> In a study of 122 children aged 3 to 5, those exposed to a home or
> school computer either alone or with someone else three to four times
> a week scored higher on tests that gauge school readiness and
> cognitive development than non-users, said the study published in the
> journal Pediatrics.
> Some earlier studies have found computer use improves children's fine
> motor skills and improves recognition of numbers and letters.
> But other research has found no relationship between computer use and
> children's knowledge or language capability, and some experts believe
> computer use displaces essential childhood experiences such as playing
> with toys or with peers.
> But researchers found no benefit to children having electronic or
> video games in the home. Of the 56 percent of children with computers
> at home, a majority had such games, wrote study authors Xiaoming Li, a
> pediatrician at Wayne State University in Detroit, and psychologist
> Melissa Atkins of Ohio State University in Columbus.
> The authors said the study was limited, using parents' estimates of
> time spent on the computer and not assessing how often educational
> software was used. The study did adjust for the wealth and educational
> status of the children's families.
> They said young children "use" a computer in a variety of ways:
> typing, playing games, using learning software, jiggling the mouse or
> joystick, watching images, or observing and imitating parents or
> siblings when they use the computer.
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