An energy analyst who's a friend of a friend sent the following note and link.  I recommend the link - it only takes a couple of minutes to read, but what you always knew was true is right there on tape.  (The link is to CBS news, so some of you may have already seen this.)



For the last six months my colleagues at Power Economics and I have been involved in developing testimony on remedies for Enron's manipulation of the western power markets.  As part of this effort, our client the Snohomish County tasked us with listening to audio tapes of Enron power traders.  These tapes provided a unique glimpse into how the Enron traders manipulated the market, and also the general ethical standards that the Enron traders brought to the market.  To do this, I put together a team of a dozen listeners who in a three month period were able to distill 2800 hours of audio tapes into 80 transcriptions, that in aggregate were probably less then four hours.  The tapes seem to have caught the interest of the press, and I thought that you would be interested in the lead story from last night's CBS news.  To do so, please go to the following address: