Submitted on behalf of Judith C. Russell

GPO recently conducted a survey to identify priority titles for digitization
from the historical government documents collections located in Federal
depository libraries. The recommended titles have been compiled and are now
available for ranking at
<> >.

The ranking survey will be open from June 23, 2004 through July 23, 2004.
Everyone is encouraged to participate in this ranking survey; however, the
results will be tallied differently for Federal depository libraries and
other participants. Each participant may select and rank up to ten titles
for digitization, based on personal experience and perceived local or
national need.

Federal depository libraries are required to enter their library type,
number, and internal password to access the survey. Each depository library
is allowed to vote only once. If multiple submissions are made, only the
last submission will be compiled as part of total listing.

In late July, GPO will compile the rankings and produce a single
consolidated priority list as well as priority lists by library type. This
will allow GPO and its potential digitization partners to identify overall
priorities, as well as specific priorities according to library type, e.g.
public, academic, state, law, medical.  These priority lists will help to
focus attention on high visibility titles and provide suggestions for
institutions that are planning digitization projects.

For general information about GPO's preservation and digitization
initiatives, go to <
<> >. GPO is collaborating with
the library community on a national digitization plan to digitize a complete
legacy collection of tangible U.S. Government documents to make sure that
these materials are available, in the public domain, for permanent public
access. The conversion of tangible materials will begin with print
publications, but will eventually include microfiche and other tangible
formats. The availability of an electronic legacy collection will allow
depository libraries, including regional libraries, to manage their tangible
collections more effectively, substituting electronic copies for tangible
copies, if they wish to do so.

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