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I'm participating in the strategic planning process for medical education at Maine Medical Center (Portland ME).  When the task force is done with our work, we'll be presenting the plan to the MMC Board of Trustees with recommendations for the future of medical education.  One of the things we're looking at is the cost of supporting medical education, and I've been asked to estimate (as closely as possible) the direct and indirect costs to the Library.  

I've tried to answer this by asking myself what the Library would look like (services, resources, staff, etc.) w/o the 200 or so residents we currently have.  Would the Library be any different if this were a large community hospital with no house staff?  This approach doesn't really work, because w/o the GME programs at Maine Med, it probably wouldn't be the same large hospital.  But, even if there were no residents, I'd probably still have subscriptions to the same online resources (i.e. UpToDate, MDConsult, StatRef, OVID, e-journals, e-books), I'd still have current print materials, we would still do ILLs, we would continue with our integrated library system, etc. etc.  

So, I'm turning to the collective wisdom of medlib-l and asking if anyone has either answered this question, or if anyone has any suggestions as to how it might be answered and what factors I might consider, or what data I might collect.

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