I have a Yakima box. We just love it. Indeed it carries a lot of gear. It
is easy to put on and take off. Doesn't weigh much, and is also
aerodynamic. Just don't drive into the garage when the snow-buildup on the
driveway causese the car to rise up, thereby causing the box height to
exceed that of the garage. This happened to me on a 10 degree night. The
box shattered a large hole.

While people may think it was not too bright to drive into the garage with
the box on, this really wasn't the issue. It fit fine when I drove into the
garage front first. It was when I backed in and the rear wheels went over a
mound of snow raising the car higher just where the box was, maybe less
than an inch above the height of the garage.

Yakima took good care of us and sold us a new box at cost. So, I would like
to vouch for the company and say that it is a company worth buying from.
They treat their customers well and stand behind their product. In this
case, they warranteed the quality of the plastic. If it had just dented it
would not have been an issue. but since it shattered a gaping hole, I
questioned the quality of the plastic. Certainly at 10 degrees plastic is
more likely to shatter than dent. But maybe they took that into account
when making the new boxes.

Also Yakima is an American company, located in WA. Yakima is a bit less
expensive than Thule.


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