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>On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:19:16 -0400, Jonathan S. Shefftz
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>>Overall, if you donít need the DIN higher than 10, you really donít need
>>the DFR.  Iíve used a D2 with plug boots for lots of resort skiing,
>>including moguls, for many years, and never had any problems.  (Although I
>>weigh only 145, and donít get any air time.)
>Well, I'm not one to argue your knowledge of ski gear, Jonathan... but in
>my experience its good practice not to max out your DIN spring. Thus if one
>wishes to set his or her DIN to 9, he or she should consider a binding with
>a DIN setting to 12 rather than 10. Thats why I would never buy the Diamir
>Titanal personally.

Generally agreed - what I really meant was (in longhand), unless you need a
binding with an adjustment range higher than 10, the DIII is fine.

So if you set your bindings at 10, probably a good idea to go w/ the DFR.

Personally, for many years I used the DI and DII with the toe at 7 and heel
at 9.  This year I backed them off a bit, but for those kind of settings a
binding with a max of 10 seems fine.

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