Scott wrote:
>...too many high quality brain doesn't know how
>to process all this... :) You've got a month's worth of quality desktop
>photos in each and every post.  I always have a hard time deciding just
>what pic to put on my desktop...

Do what photo editors do - be brutal!
Toss it if....
the lighting isn't perfect
there's any kind of non-artistic color shift
the contrast or brightness is too much or too little
it's not perfectly in focus or it's not artistically out of focus
there's visual clutter that competes with or detracts from the subject

For an interesting read, here's an article that describes the process
Sports Illustrated goes through to find the post-Super Bowl cover shot and
the 6 or so pics that go with the article.

An excerpt:
But Fine, who is <>Sports Illustrated's
Director of Photography, has a monstrous job in front of him, and there's
no such thing as too much computer. He's chewing through SI's take from
Super Bowl XXXVIII, 16,183 digital pictures shot in Houston's Reliant
Stadium by eleven of the magazine's staff photographers over the course of
about six hours. It's 11:00pm, an hour-and-a-half after the game has ended,
and Fine is stashed in SI's media trailer outside the stadium with six
other SI employees. The photographers, their work done, left half an hour

Fine is darting through the photos in
<>ACDSee 5.0.1's
single-image view mode and lip-syncing off and on to a Southside Johnny CD
playing through the tinny speakers of a nearby laptop. He's still seeing
mostly shots from the game's second quarter. Frequently he will stop on one
picture, enlarge it to check its sharpness, get the opinion of Washington,
a Deputy Photo Editor for SI, and either skip it or copy it to a sub-folder
labeled "selects". That whole process might take three seconds. Fine has
copied dozens of images to the selects folder, but he's edgy and, so far,
unimpressed with the work of his photographers.


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