Yes I'm interested in attending.  Please sign me up.

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Client-Centered Management For Supervisors of Supported Employment Services

This training will cover:
1)  Client-centered management and managing by outcomes
2)  Information Management
3)  Performance Planning
4)  Creating a Reward-based Environment
5)  Quality improvement
6)  How to use the info from training in your job
7)  Giving feedback to staff
8)  Group supervision

SEPTEMBER 22 & 23, 2004  (both days, all day)

Presenter:  Linda Carlson, MSW  from the University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare

Location: to be announced

Cost:  FREE (although you will be asked to present your most recent quarterly employment data to me to be given to the presenter 2 weeks prior to the training - more details will follow for those attending).

Who can attend:  Supported Employment Supervisors & their supervisors (20 people limit on attendance so please RSVP)

This training is being paid for by the "Johnson & Johnson - NH-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center Evidence-based Supported Employment Project" and is usually offered only to the adult CRT employment programs participating in the multi-state project.  However, I'm positive the JOBS supervisors will find the information quite useful and applicable to your own work.  In addition, your attendance will diversify the audience and add a richness to the discussions.

I will send out an official flyer with contact information and all the details soon.

Laura Flint
NH-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
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