We received only $1200 for our $10,000 request to VT Community Foundation
to support our grazing program. I am working on a pre-proposal to VCF that
is due to them by week's end for next year.

Do any of you have time to look into the following source and see if it
would be appropriate for us to approach? Allen

Sponsor: Noble (Samuel Roberts) Foundation
Number: 68408 Grants
E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Program URL: http://www.noble.org/Admin/Granting/grGuides.html
The sponsor is engaged in basic plant biology research, forage improvement
research and agricultural research, consultation and demonstration. The
current granting focus is on capital funding for higher education and
health research and delivery systems.
Applicants must first submit a letter of inquiry. If invited, the applicant
will receive a formal grant application. Deadlines for formal applications
are September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.

Link to full program description:

Allen Matthews
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