We have a couple of color HP printers. The oldest one is a two year old
4550 that is in my lab.  It has received quite heavy use, as students
have open access to it.  We use remanufactured toner cartridges and have
had our share of problems with leakers and actual damage to the printer
as a result. We have a new version of this printer that has received
fairly little use, since we realized that the cost of replacing all four
cartridges would be over $800!  Refills are not yet available for that

In addition to the cartridges, we have also had to replace the imaging
drum (an expendable $200 item) a few times, and the transport cartridge
once.  There is also a fuser unit that has a scheduled replacement
cycle, though we have not yet had to replace it.

We have not found it useful to try to force printing to B&W.  There
usually are not a lot of wasted print jobs left on the printer, except
at the end of a marking period when the rif-raf seems to come out of the
woodwork in a futile last-minute attempt to stave off failure.  We tried
setting the default to print B&W, but then had to deal with people
printing things twice when it did not come out in color.

Printing with these HP printers has been expensive, though I cannot give
you a cost per page.  Color printing is great, but the cost of supplies
is obscene. We have a couple of smaller HP color laser printers, but I
don't know what our experience has been with them.

We considered the Phaser solid ink printer.  I have seen them in action
and they are fast, quiet and the color is much better than any color
laser I have seen.  I was scared off by the rumors of high cost, but now
I can't see how I am any better off.  I know that St. Mike's has some of
the Phaser printers.  anyone check with them as to their experience?

Stephen Barner
South Burlington High School
550 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT 05403
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"When we study music, we practice... because there is no other way to
become a musician. Neither can we become engineers by just studying a
textbook, because practical experience is needed to correlate the
so-called theory with practice." Charles Franklin Kettering
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We are in the process of centralizing printing.  We are looking for a
color printer (hopefully around $1,000).  I am particularly fascinated
by the
solid ink Xerox Phaser. If you have experience, comments, suggestions on
this or
other printers please respond.



Kenneth Kleinman
Essex Town School District
802-878-8168 ext 107
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