We just bought 4 of the Xerox Phasers.  Unfortunetly, because we have put
them in classroom areas, we have not really had a chance to use them.  But,
what I can say is there first page is out in about 6 secs, which is almost 4
times faster than the HP Laserjets that we have.  One thing that I learned
about these though, is that I never shut them off because they take about 5
mins to boot up (warming the cartridges and reconnecting to the network I
assume.)  But even Xerox says that they should only be shut down if your
moving them to another location.  Another thing is that prices for their
cartridges are much cheaper (about 75% of HP Laserjet cartridge price).

I've attached a comparison chart for you to look over.  It compares a new HP
Laserjet, Xerox Phaser, and an older style HP that we currently have 3 of,
and were thinking of buying more of.

Good Luck,

Joe Lemaire
IT Technician
St. Albans Town Educational Center
St. Albans, VT  05478
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  We are in the process of centralizing printing.  We are looking for a
network color printer (hopefully around $1,000).  I am particularly
fascinated by the solid ink Xerox Phaser. If you have experience, comments,
suggestions on this or other printers please respond.



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