Rutland County Audubon celebrated 36 months of
monitoring at West Rutland Marsh today (116
species, 416 participants, 133 miles to date!).

13 participants observed 48 species today. Most
notable today were 2 least bittern, 1 American
bittern, 4 Virginia rail (including two strolling
on the boardwalk), and 1 green heron.

Marsh wrens (13) apparently had a successful
season as several young were easily observed
tumbling about near by the boardwalk. Swamp
sparrows (20) and common yellowthroats (14) were
also in abundance. Other warblers included 2
American redstarts, 1 black-and-white, and 4
yellow warblers.

6 willow flycatchers and 5 alder flycatchers were
noted. 3 brown thrashers were seen and 1 eastern
towhee was heard.

Also of interest were large numbers of tree
swallows, barn swallows, and bank swallows
including big flocks by Water St.

1 red-tailed hawk, 4 common ravens, 3 belted
kingfishers, 17 song sparrows, 16 gray catbirds,
5 northern flickers, 3 warbling vireos, 5 eastern
kingbirds, and 1 great crested flycatcher were
also observed.

Thank you to all the participants who have
contributed to making this a successful walk for
the past three years!

The next walk is Saturday, August 21, 7:00 a.m.

Sue Elliott

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