Have had a report of a very persistent Goldfinch that has been pecking at a
woman's windows constantly since May.  It is a female and moves around the
house to various windows.  She not particularly appreciative of the 5 am
wake up taps.

This seems a long time for this behavior esp. from a female.  I would think
goldfinches are in or soon in nesting mode so I suggested she keep an eye
out to see if the behavior ceases in the next week or two.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Located a Chestnut-sided Warbler constructing a new nest on Tues. - so the
second broods must be happening.

Have been monitoring 2 Great Blue Heron rookeries here in S. VT.  One is
the area N. of Arlington seen from RT 7.  There are 27 young in 9 nests,
one with 5 young.

The other has 3 nests with 9 young.   Also saw a Bittern in the swamp/pond
area when visiting last week for a check.  This is a small beaver pond with
dead snags and 5 beaver houses visible.  Not sure how many of them are
active, but heard a couple of warning splashes as we approached the area.


E. Dorset, VT