I have a meeting this evening (I am a lister for Duxbury).  With respect to
walks on Ward Hill, you asked for a couple of dates ( I think you hoped I'd
lead two walks) so I would suggest two Saturdays, August 28 and September 4
(the latter date is part of the Labor Day weekend which might be a good idea
but also might be a bad idea). I pulled these dates out of the hat, so to
speak, so I'm open to other possibilities.  However, I would suggest late
August and early September as a good time frame.

Good luck with your meeting,
Frde Pratt

Everyone interested in forming a group to explore birding opportunities and
walks in the Mad River Valley area is invited to a meeting at the General
Wait House on Monday, July 12 at 7 PM.  General Wait House is located just
south of the Waitsfield School on Rte 100.  If you are interested but unable
to attend the meeting, call Sandra Bruggemann (496-4297) or email Pat Folsom
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Happy birding,
Pat Folsom