Hurray!   I saw my first MONARCH today while setting up my milkweed plots
for the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project.  I guess I was only seeing one
but it remained in the area during the 2 hrs I was there.  Also these

Viceroy - 2  (very pale and worn)
Baltimore Checkerspots!!!!    - 2
Silver-spotted Skipper
Eastern Comma 1
Orange Sulphur 2
Common Wood Nymph 3  (first of season)

Other season firsts on July 2:

Baltimore Checkerspot  12
Eyed brown  1
Northern Pearly-eye  6
Banded Hairstreak 2

One other interesting observation:   While populations of White Admirals
now seem to be tapering off here in the Manchester valley, I came across
large numbers along and in a dirt road area at higher elevations (Peru).


E. Dorset, VT