It really looks different when compared to a Euro. They are much larger, darker and have 2 orangey rays on the under hindwing that are very noticable. The Dions are on the species checklists that came this winter. I found another colony in Pownal today. Even with the cloud cover I counted 25. 7 Black Dash, If I'm right with my ID. Kevin
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  Yikes!  How would I even know to look for a Dion Skipper???????   Let alone identify it?   It looks like you really have to see the top side as the underside looks like a (larger) European.  The range maps doesn't even show it here, although I know that is why we are doing this atlas.  

  This skipper IDing is daunting.  I am having to catch, look and release.  If photo documenting, it seems as though it is necessary to have images of both top and bottom.


  E. Dorset, VT