I was away for three weeks so it was fun to see the new butterflies that are out. Since it is my first year with the survey many were seen for the first time ever.
1. While walking my brand new grandson around the yard in Bennington, I saw 5 Silver spotted skippers
2. In a relatives field in Berkshire (Richford 1) I saw and vouchered a common wood nymph, skipper, clouded sulpher, (White) Orange Sulpher, and Aphrodite Fritillary (if I am correct)Thanks for the eye info and pictures from your recent e mail
3. In my yard (Richford 5) I saw 13 dark brown skippers, 1 great spangled fritillary, 1 northern pearly eye, a blue that doesn't look like my picture of a spring azure or the silvery blue I had been seeing (?summer azure), 4 eyed brown, 1 Baltimore checkerspot, 4 other skippers, 1 eastern comma, 5 sulphers, and a white.
4.Yesterday I spent the day in the Nulhegan basin/Conte Refuge in Lewis. I plan to buy a topo map but am guessing Averill 3
I saw more fritillaries yesterday than I have seen/noticed in my whole life! My husband said there were many more than I counted as I was counting mostly on only one side of the road. I counted 1 anglewing, 189 fritillary, 9 white, 3 wood nymph, 42 sulpher, 15 skippers. 1 lady, 18 white admirals, 1 pearly eye, 3 Canadian tiger swallowtails, and others that I couldn't identify going past quickly. I have a picture of one small group of 4-8 milkweed plants where I counted 29 fritillary, a sulpher, skippers, a tiger swallowtail, a lady, a white admiral and a sulpher. When I got home I was disappointed to see that the side of the road where I walk each day had been mowed. If that had been the case in the refuge, I wouldn't have seen much of anything. Do you have any vouchers for Averill 3? I will be returning to the area in the Northeast Kingdom bordered by 105 to the south, 102 to the east, and by 114 to the west and north. The web site map shows data for the priority block Averill 6. I am wondering if the map does not have a green box in the other areas, does that mean no vouchers and I should photograph or collect when there vs. just counting?