My survey on the rail trail was the least productive ever. They have been mowing the sides of the path so there were no wild flowers there. I guess I need to find a new spot for the summer. I saw three large orange butterflies they flew too fast or were too far away. ? Monarch or Fritillary, 3 blue, 29 sulpher, fritillary,and a wood nymph. I thought I saw 3 whites but I looked at 4 sulphers with binoculars or net and release and found them to be very pale green almost white. If this is a white form of the orange sulpher than maybe the whites that I thought were cabbage white were not. I have a question. The wood nymph is not like to common wood nymph I saw the other day so I don't know what it is. It is dark brown on both sides and 2.5 inches across. The underside has two large eye spots on the forewing. They are black with a white/silver center surrounded by a thin yellow/tan ring. There are no eye spots on the hind wing, just two very very tiny white spots. There is some shading/watermark appearance like the back of a pearly eye. The same two eye spots are on the front just not as bright as the back. Is it a variation on the common wood nymph or something different? I will be sending it in. Patty Lambert