After searching hard the last two springs and moderately the first summer of the survey in areas I thought perfect, I had told Kent that I didn't think olive hairstreaks were down this way. Today I finally found a colony in Pownal 2, when I wasn't really looking for them. Nectaring on Monarda fistulosa of all things. Couldn't find any on daisies or Robin's plantain earlier this spring. In other prove us wrongs, Bryan and I were discussing wetland skippers last week. He asked about any broad-wings, and said, "You won't find them without getting your feet wet." While driving past a phragmites patch the other day, what flies smack into my windshield and gets stuck in my wiper? A broad-wing. As I wasn't going fast, it was in good condition. So, not only were my feet dry, I only briefly had to leave the comfort of my air-conditioned vehicle. Never say never when it comes to nature!!Kevin