Thanks to everyone who responded.  Here is the original list I was looking
for and some new sites:

The best heart pictures I found were in GOOGLE IMAGES using "heart anatomy".
(Thanks to Lana Thompson for that one.)

New sites:
  puts alot of sites in one place

This is the original list.  I couldn't get some of the sites to work.  Maybe
I am in vacation mode a week early.

Bristol Biomed Image Archive  (free registration)

Dermatology websites:

Endoscopy images

Gold Standard Multimedia [fee]

Hardin MD : Medical Pictures / Disease Pictures

History of medicine images

HON  (Health on the Net) Foundation

Jonathan Tward 's Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Karolinska Institute medical images

Martindale Virtual Medical Center
(scroll down to find them)

Medical Matrix   (free registration)
Enter the word atlas in the search form, and a great list pops up!

Virtual Anatomy image browser:

Medical encyclopedia at

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