I need help with the following research question. I would like to
know if a similar study has  been conducted.

A speech therapist assists a patient, in a home setting, with
methods to improve speech.  The treatment is successful.
The patient is instructed on how to maintain the level of speech
he/she have achieved.  Three weeks later the patient is checked
to see if he/she has been able to follow the instructions to
maintain the progress he/she had attained.

I have looked in PubMed under many, many headings.  I have
search CINAHL, Pre-CINAHL, Nursing and Allied Health,
Biomedical Reference Collection, Google etc.

I have found references to successful treatment in the home
setting, long term follow-up etc. but now which duplicates all
the conditions of the research statement.

I would more than appreciate your help with this.  Thank you
in advance.

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