Good morning, all--Regarding the relationship between the web
site and MedlinePlus, it's true that they both fall under the umbrella of
NIH. But they serve different purposes.

The site's mission is to comunicate results of research that
NIH does or funds. The NIH site's design is based on the results of
usability studies and focus groups that have shown that the public expects
to find information based on NIH research on the NIH web site.

NLM's MedlinePlus has a broader goal - to select and organize authoritative
information from NIH, other government departments, professional
organizations, and so on, to provide a more comprehensive site.  The NIH
team and the MedlinePlus team have a representative on each other's Advisory
group.  The NIH team is using MedlinePlus terminology to create their site,
and we are working towards sharing data more completely.  Both sites are
always a "work in progress", but be assured that we are collaborating as we
try to meet our respective goals.

Hope that helps!

Naomi Miller
MedlinePlus Content Manager
National Library of Medicine
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