There was a discussion a bit ago about the new site the NIH is launching for
consumer health and that perhaps this was a duplication of efforts.  I
subscribe to the Librarian's Index to the Internet listserv and get a list
of what they add every week and this week they added a link to the NIH site.
(this is a really cool list by the way).  

Here is a link to the site.  I just wondered how people felt about this.  If
there was any feelings from NLM people etc.  I am not sure how I feel
myself.  I think I feel this is a duplication of effort and if the money is
going to be spent why not spend it on medlineplus and NLM.  If there was a
feeling the existing resources weren't meeting needs, why weren't those
resources changed...improved...etc.

If there were other reasons, I would like to know them.  Certainly there is
not a monopoly on health information but why duplicate what is done.  NIH
even references MedlinePlus.

Just wondered

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