(from the July 20, 2004 mailing of Killington's
    email newsletter "The Drift")

With the increased popularity of The Beach terrain park at
Snowshed and the explosive growth of the freeski/freeride
culture, Killington is moving its main park to Bear Mountain
for the '04-'05 season! And not just to one slope either.
Skiers and riders will find terrain parks all over Bear,
with more rails, tabletops, hits and signature giant jumps
than we could ever squeeze in at Snowshed. The new area will
also feature a competition-spec Superpipe, maintained by our
new Zaugg pipe groomer.

That's not enough? Killington regulars know that skiing and
riding doesn't get much more hairy than Devil's Fiddle, a
double black diamond knee-buckler with rocks, cliffs and
other sanity-threatening natural features. Often closed
in recent seasons, the Fiddle will be back this year in all
its gnarly glory -- with the addition of massive signature
jumps at the bottom! And yes , we'll be firing up the Devil's
Fiddle Quad on Fridays through Sundays to keep you moving
around the mountain.
     ...<snip>... might notice some heavy machinery chomping away at
sections of ski trail around our six moun tains. It's all part
of a $2 million snowmaking upgrade that will increase the
efficiency and effectiveness of what is already the most
extensive system in North America.


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