>From: steve kijak <[log in to unmask]>
>I was thinking about getting a camera, primarily to
>film skiing.
>What is the current must have camera I need to go
>check out. Recomendations are welcome.

Two of the latest "big" things in consumer digital video cameras are the
release of the first "high definition" consumer video camera (JVC's GRHD1,
street price ~$2,000) and Panasonic's release of very inexpensive 3 CCD
video cameras (Panasonic PV-GS120, street price ~$500).  It sounds like the
picture of the GRHD1 is fantastic on HD TVs, but since most people don't
have a high-definition television set yet, it may be tough to make use of
this advance.  Also, it's a bit bigger than the typical "mid-size" consumer
video cameras, making it a little more to deal with for skiing.  The
Panasonic 3 CCD models are probably a good option, since they are small,
affordable, and are reported to produce much better images than your typical
1 CCD video camera (basically every other modestly-priced video camera out
there).  I haven't seen the images from either of these cameras yet, but
they are certainly things to take a look at.


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