>I can't imagine there is anything Killington needs
>more than more skiers coming to Bear Mountain in
>search of jumps. The KSP must be having a heart
>attack already.

At one point in time, in the not too distant past (season before last),
at a point well into the season, 25% of all our (you know who I mean by
"our", and if you don't, ask someone who does) accidents were coming off
the terrain parks.  Think about it - 1 in 4 accidents were in the
terrain parks.

I'm certain that percentage is very close to accurate for the last two

KSP having a heart attack?  Not likely.  They are probably already numb
to the whole idea and have given up trying to talk sense into the
operations folks.

I haven't been to K in years.  If my memory serves me correctly, it
sounds like they are moving the bulk of the yahoos to Bear, leaving the
rest of the mountains for everyone else.  If that is correct, that may
actually help cut down on some accidents.  At the very least it might
make K more family friendly.


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