<Evan Osler> wrote:

>I can't imagine there is anything Killington needs more than more
>coming to Bear Mountain in search of jumps. The KSP must be having a
>attack already.

Actually Bear has some pretty underutilized terrain, which is perfect
for this type of thing.  There is lower dream maker, where they had the
'cross course a couple of years ago, and the trail between lower dream
maker and wildfire (which was the nastar course aways back), as well as
some wasted trail they cut between middle wildfire and lower skyeburst.
I would imagine a good place for the halfpipe would be on the lower
skiers right of outer limits, as that gives it perfect views from the
deck and the bar, and would not interfere with the main bump lines of OL

>As an aside, you won't see me near that mountain without a motocross
>helmet, medieval style armor, and front and side airbags.

Probably perfect for the park anyway.

I'd say that moving the terrain park from their dedicated beginner slope
is a good thing, I can only imagine the sheer terror some never-evers
must have felt as they slowly worked their way down snowshed along side
one of those jumps as some 15 year old augered in after failing to land
an inverted 360 stinky-fish some-thing-or-other.

On a bitter-sweet note though it is nice to see them committed to
running the devil's fiddle chair more, but it appears that snowmaking on
said trail will rob us of a nice natural snow trail.  (I know it wasn't
open all that much, but when it was (or atleast poachable) it was

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