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> Come on, how many guys in the late eighties and early nineties were
> sleeping in alttitude tents?

This is why performancing enhancing altitude tents should
be banned.  Ban pasta too.

> Correct me if I am wrong, but did not Lemond return from death's
> doar to win Le Tour a couple of times?

It was a shot gun blast to kidneys, if I recall.

> > Then Greg goes on to explain how he and other
> > champions were great right from the start.  This was
> not the case with Lance, thus implying doping.

This is utter rubbish and if Lemond is really saying
this, his stock just fell in my book.  Lance was a
phenom in triathalon circles before he concentrated
on cycling and made enough of a splash as a young
cyclist to get an article devoted to him in Bicycling
(not known for their racing coverage) when he turned
pro.  He was picked as the successor to Lemond from
the start.  Greg, buddy, exit with grace.

> Armstrong likely dopes, but this is pretty shabby "evidence"
> that he does.

Define "dopes".

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