Been here before, but it's summer and I dreamt about skiing dust on grass
last night, so...

Jon sez:
"Based on my fixed-heel experience with a zillion race skis in the low to
mid 60s, one sorta-fat ski (79mm Mira), and five 70mm+/-3mm narrowish-
midfats (69mm Tourcarve and 72mm R:9 currently in the quiver, with fond
memories of the 67mm ATV, 68mm Fischer Alltrax Freeride, 72mm 9.22),
it's all a matter of tradeoffs . . ."

Huh  No PR's, Beasts, Jaks, R:EX's or CMHs?  I realize your experience far
outstrips mine, but shouldn't you spend a couple of days on phatties before
you make this case?  I agree that a heavier ski may be an issue when flying
to 2-mile-high land for a week, but it's hard to argue with the downhill
capacity of the phats, especially as a backcountry rig.  Tuck's formica
aside, who's touring to icy slopes?

"Specifically, for an AT setup to do double-duty for lift-served Eastern
skiing on the groomed, the further the waist strays from the low to mid
60s domain of race skis, the more its grip suffers."

Modern phats aren't exactly skid-machines.  They can carve railroad tracks
in the courderoy, and the stability makes up for the loss in short-turning

"For any snow that's just plain old good (without any qualifiers or caveats
necessary), if the fundamental fixed-heel skiing skills are strong (big if),
the extra width is mainly just adding weight"

Now, now.  There are plenty of great skiers who prefer phats every day of
the week, except maybe raceday.  Perhaps I just don't spend enough time on
the groomed, but my 70mm mid-fats have been in retirement since I came upon
some 84mm semi-fats, and I'd be going for a pair of real phats this year, if
my wife wouldn't bust my kneecaps for it.  (Heck, it still might be worth
it.)  Phatter skis are quite simply better for crud, powder, chowder, deep
powder, really shallow powder, wet powder, glop, corn, death cookies, mank,
the somewhat breakable, really breakable and virtually unbreakable crusts
and any combination of the above.  I hear they're slower edge to edge on the
courduroy, but that's why we hold on to our old skis.

Oh yeahs, phat wall-to-wall carpeting is the bomb for the uphill.


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