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> BTW, Jason, your Holiday Inn post was pretty funny and well argued.
> I don't think we'll get much of an apology from Matt though, if past
> history is a guide.

Please tell me, exactly what am I supposed to be apologizing for?  Was
someone offended by my statement that snowboards are not well-suited
for ice?  Are you kidding me?

Or, do should I be apologizing for the rest of my post where I pointed
out that a narrower waisted ski is quicker edge to edge, is more
torsionally stiff, etc.?

I guess I am remembering the time gaps in the women's event.  That, or
I am remembering another competition altogether.

(A proper racing surface or rather, an ideal racing surface, is ice.
Other snow surfaces break down too quickly, making the course much
more difficult for the later starting positions.)

--Matt K.

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