> For most people, if they state that
> something is in an article, and it isn't, will
> respond with an "oops,
> I must have confused two articles" or something > like that.


In that case, I did not confuse the two articles.  The article I did
read was a Babelfish translation that I came across on a cycling
bulletin board of another article in French that I initially thought
might be the Le Monde article.  However, I quickly realised that it
wasn't the same article, so I very carefully did not say that I was
quoting the Le Monde article.  Perhaps, I should have cited my source,
but for the sake of brevity and simplicity I merely said "from what I
have read" and "the article[that I read]."  I will try to be better
about providing links to my sources, when possible.

I considered replying to your reply to my post, but I felt the
conversation had run its course, at least for the time being and as
you said, I was not refering to the same article.

--Matt K.

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