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What is REGALIS (Super Viagra)?
Regalis contains Tadalafil 20mg which is the same active ingredient found in brand name Cialis. It has been proved to help a large majority of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (also called impotence). Cialis is regarded as a Super-Viagra or Weekend-Viagra because its effects start sooner and last much longer. Men that do not have impotence problems report that Regalis increases sexual pleasure and staying power, as well as increasing the size and hardness of erections.
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Is it safe for me to take REGALIS (Super Viagra)?
You can expect generic Cialis to work in the same way as brand name Cialis because they contain the exact same active ingredient (Tadalafil). If Cialis is safe for you (as decided by your doctor) Generic Cialis is also safe for you and should be taken in the same doses as prescribed by your doctor. The usual does is 10mg, each 20mg pill can be split in half.
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Will you ship REGALIS (Super Viagra) to my country?
Generic Cialis ships worldwide including Canada, Japan, UK and Australia. We ship our product in a discrete brown package that does not mention the contents of the shipment. All orders are shipped from India and usually take 15-30 days to arive.
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How do i pay for REGALIS (Super Viagra)?
We accept major creditcards, and checking accounts (US only). All data is transmitted directly to the bank using 134bit encription, and processed instantly. We never keep your information stored on our server. You are totally safe to order online from us. Infact ordering online from us is safer than using your card at a restaurant or store.
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