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V21: Oxygen in the Terrestrial Planets

Description: Oxygen is the most abundant element within the terrestrial
planets.  Its role as an oxidant is important in planetary
differentiation, mantle redox states, and phase relationships in igneous
rocks.  The existence of three stable isotopes of oxygen coupled with
its abundance allows its use as a geochemical tracer, from the
composition of accretionary matter to the degassing of planetary
atmospheres and processes within planetary hydrospheres.  Furthermore,
oxygen is crucial to life as we know it on Earth.

The goal of this session is to bring together scientists from across
disciplines, and from the terrestrial and planetary communities, to gain
a better understanding of the conditions of accretion, differentiation,
and evolution of the terrestrial planets.  Contributions pertaining to
early accretion/core formation, oxygen isotopic and redox variation
within the inner solar system, geophysical consequences of mantle redox
state, and evolution of the atmosphere - hydrosphere - biosphere are

This session is sponsored by the AGU Volcanology, Geochemistry, and
Petrology section, and co-sponsored by the Planetary Sciences, and
Mineral and Rock Physics sections.  Further information can be found at

The online Abstract Submission Form is available now.

The electronic abstract deadline is 9 September 2004, 23:59 UT.


Christopher Herd
University of Alberta
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Stephen Mackwell

Lunar and Planetary Institute
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John H Jones
NASA Johnson Space Center
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