Dear listmembers,

Bernd Zolitschka, Mark Abbott and myself are organizing the
folllowing session at the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco and would
like to encourage people working in paleoenvironmental records in
South America to present their results. Thanks and look forward to
see you in San Francisco,

Daniel Ariztegui


Lacustrine Records Across Latin-America: High-Resolution Archives of
Environmental Variability

Central and South America are presently the focus of numerous
interdisciplinary research initiatives dedicated to the
reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic conditions.
Primary targets of these studies include lacustrine sedimentary
records as archives for many different types of information.
Examination of these archives allows a comprehensive view of climatic
change and human impact, which are both dominating controls on
lacustrine ecosystems and their catchments. For this AGU theme
session we would like to invite and encourage submissions (oral or
poster presentations) of a wide range of presentations focusing on
high-resolution late Quaternary reconstructions. Most welcome would
be interdisciplinary studies that are not only directed towards
global change issues but also have societal impact and cover the
global sustainability. Thus topics of interest include fire history,
soil erosion, water stress, agricultural issues and geoarchaeology.

Abstract deadline is September 9, 2004.
13 - 17 December, 2004 in San Francisco, USA

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