Dear all,

I received message from Elsevier about a price for the Volume I of my Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques, which is expected to be available in October this year (no definitive/offical date of publishing is yet set).
The price for Volume I (1248 pages) is set at Eur 95,- as ‘introduction price’ (for early orders before publishing) and at a ‘list price’ (the general price if not ordered before the ‘date of publishing’) of Eur/US$ of 150,-, which, to my opinion, for a book of this size is not bad at all.
Volume II, under review/revision at the moment, will take some more months for publication.

I was informed by the Elsevier editor that information on price and ‘introduction orders’ or the common orders after publication will be on the Elsevier web site very soon (I checked and did not find it yet – I will give the correct URL later, when available!).
Please, do not sent orders to me personally – selling is a task for Elsevier. Of course, the pre-order form at my web-site can still be used. As soon as ordering is possible by internet directly from Elsevier, the pre-order site will direct to Elsevier.

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