The Missile-Dick Chicks (MDC) are going ON TOUR and need our help --
attending their performances, advertising them to others, setting up
additional gigs, places to stay, and donations as well.

This is one of the most creative offshoots of the current movement, a
continuation of the guerrilla-theater projects that the Red Balloon
Collective, the Mary Magdellan Liberation Front, the Yippies, ArtRage and
others were involved in over the years -- all women, extremely funny and
creative, and definitely a genderbending experience. (They've been going
into Truckstops along the turnpikes and performing on-the-spot, bringing a
fascinating and strong antiwar message in ways that would get others thrown

If you are in any of the areas listed below, please help the Missile-Dick
Chicks out. They are also interested in helping YOU out -- add them to your

Their website is

You can contact them by writing to [log in to unmask]

The tour starts on Monday, September 13th in Ohio
and continues for 12 days.

start is monday SEPT. 13 OHIO
going pretty much straight into ohio to perform there tba.

day two ohio - r & r hall of fame, kent state. performance evening tba

day three ohio into michigan

day four more michigan (into chicago at night)

day five chicago - night performance in chicago tba

day six wisconsin - madison

day seven drive to st louis (anyone along the way want to host them?)

day eight tennessee

day nine tennessee (I'm sure with a little help they can be prompted into

day ten north carolina

day eleven virginia

day twelve 9.24 home

for all those states they are looking for people who could tell about good
spaces in town to perform in the street, as well as possibilities to
perform at indoor events, colleges, green party events, whatever is around.

also, we wrote a money begging letter for our tour. do you know people, for
example socialist scholars, to send the letter to? that would be a very big
help too.

 From the website:
We are a posse of pissed-off housewives from
<>Crawford, Texas, the home of our beloved
President <>George Walker Bush. Usually we
prefer to leave the talking to our husbands, but recent events have
conspired to drag us away from our martinis and over-the-counter
pharmaceuticals and into the streets.

The dim-witted ramblings and demonstrations of the anti-authoritarian
rabble that have infected our country of late make our blood boil. The
sight of these smelly, smarmy marchers smirkingly besmirching our smiling
President is too much to bear. The biggest questions these riff-raff face
day-to-day are which <>Starbucks
to vandalize and where to score their next bong hit. And these
ne'er-do-wells dare to second guess our Commander-in-Chief? For shame!


<>Give generously to the MDC
Hummer fund!

Missile Dick Chicks Proverbs:
Talk loudly and carry a big dick.
Do unto others as you would bomb
others trying to do unto you.
A bomb, in time, saves 9.
A country bribed is an ally earned.