>The Chavez law transferred only fields from the giant haciendas which had
>been left unused and abandoned.

        It is not widely enough known that similar reforms were attempted
by the democratically elected President Arbenz of Guatemala.  Compo for
nationalisation of lands owned but not used by United Fruit Corp (and I
believe some other similar corporations) was to be paid at the
corporations' own valuations declared in their tax returns.  The govt said
it could not pay even those amounts in cash but could offer only govt
bonds.  The result was invasion of Guatemala (1954, or '57, was it?) by
CIA-fronts.  Some of the aircraft used resembled those used in Kennedy's
feeble support of the Bay of Pigs invasion  -  B26s.
        The director of the CIA was Allen Dulles; he & his brother J F
Dulles, USA minister of foreign affairs at the time, were major
stockholders in United Fruit.
        I would be glad to learn of the most recent book(s) on this classic
which I first heard recounted on KPFA in 1969.

> This land reform, by the way, was promoted to Venezuela in the 1960s by
>that Lefty radical John F. Kennedy.

        If so, it would imply the USA had learned something, if only
embarrassment, from such publicity as there had been of the overthrow of
the Arbenz govt.   I conclude these rackets are always to be publicised as
examples of a very nasty side of capitalism  -  illustrations of how, in
the mouths of govts representing over-wealthy large corporations,
'democracy' is a word not sincerely used.