Hi folks,

Radical attorney Lynne Stewart needs our presence in Court every day this week.

The crux of the case against Lynne is happening with a reading & playing of
the "prison tapes,"  in which the government tries to prove that Lynne's
reading the newspapers and letters to blind Sheik Rakhman (Lynne's client)
constituted some sort of terrorist conspiracy, and aiding and abeting
terrorism. The transcripts of these tapes are available on Lynne Stewart's
website: . The government's charges are ridiculous and
a total frameup.

We need to be present and say, NO! and support Lynne Stewart, the first
attorney prosecuted under the USA Patriot Act.

Please Come to 40 Centre St. (at Foley Square), New York City,  room 110
9 am until 12:45 pm, then from 2 pm until 4:30 pm, on Weds. and Thurs.

Judge John G. Koeltl presiding

Closest Subways:
4,5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge
or the A, C or E to Chambers
1 or 2 to Franklin
N or R to City Hall

Radical human rights attorney Lynne Stewart has been falsely accused of
helping terrorists. On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, she was arrested and agents
searched her Manhattan office for documents. She was arraigned before
Manhattan federal Judge John Koetl. This is an obvious attempt by the U.S.
government to silence dissent and install fear in those who would fight
against the U.S. government's racism, seek to help Arabs and Muslims being
prosecuted for free speech and defend the rights of all oppressed people.

For more info go to:
or call 212-625-9696

Lynne will also be speaking on Saturday, Aug. 28, at the "Green World is
Possible" festival in Washington Square Park.