I am encouraging all WBAI listeners to participate in the election for
WBAI's local station board (LSB) coming up this fall.

Voting for the LSB allows listeners a voice in the station's future.  The
more listeners pay attention, the healthier WBAI will be.

It's worth participating whether you listen 24/7 or only to a few shows,
whether you are a long-time listener or a newcomer, whether you love
everything about WBAI or not. A variety of viewpoints and backgrounds will
be represented among the candidates.

But -- only members in good standing can participate.  A member in good
standing (listener) is anyone who has made a donation of $25 or more from
September 1, 2003 August 31, 2004 or has volunteered three hours at the
station in that period.

If you would like to participate but are not yet a member,  please take a
out a membership before August 31, 2004 by making a donation SOON.

Donations can be made through . Or send in $25 or more
by check or money order, payable to WBAI/Pacifica and mailed to:

P.O. Box 11445
Church St. Station
NY, NY 10277-2071

And please remind your friends who listen to WBAI.

For more, please go to:



Nominations for candidates open July 25, 2004
Deadline for voters to qualify to vote August 31, 2004
Nominations for candidates close September 25, 2004
Campaign period September 25, 2004  November 15, 2004
Ballots mailed to qualified voters October 15, 2004
Completed ballots returned by voters November 15, 2004
New LSB members seated December 2004


This is the second election for Local Station Boards at WBAI/Pacifica. As a
result of new bylaws enacted last year, Local Station Boards at the five
stations are now elected by listeners and staff.

The Pacifica Foundation will hold an election to seat 12 delegates to
3-year terms on the Local Station Boards of each of the Foundation's five
radio stations. There will be separate but parallel elections for both
Listener and Staff Delegates to the Local Station Boards.

Duties of the Local Station Board include

--approval of the WBAI's budget
--evaluation of WBAI management
--ensuring that programming meets Pacifica's mission and that programming
decisions are made collaboratively to ensure quality programming
--assisting with fundraising
--outreach to underrepresented communities